Places to visit and things to do in Hong Kong

visit Hong Kong Wetland Park watch the birds
eat seafood, do water sports, go hiking take photos on the Avenue of Stars
visit Disneyland, ride on the cable car, visit the Bug Buddha Eat sea food
look at the view fo Hong Kong visit Golden Bauhinia

Place in the street

a post office a news-stand
an MTR station a bakery
a clinic a sports centre
a department store a health and beauty store
a convenience store

Man-made things

a bridge a tower
an escalator

Natural landscape

a mountain a river
a lake a desert

Type of food

Steak beef
chicken pork
lettuce broccoli
carrots peas
potatoes tomatoes
macaroni spaghetti
cherries grapes
lychees longans

Type of food

junk food sugary food
salty food fried food
soft drinks dairy products
gain products


do Maths/English/Chinese exercises do revision
go to bed early do more sports
keep a diary tidy my bookshelf / bookshelves / room
watch less TV read more books

Good habits

change my facecloth change my socks
change my uniform wash my sports shoes
cut my fingernails wash my hair
go to the dentist help with the housework